NCTC Course Descriptions

Advanced Narcotic Operations
Basic Narcotics Investigator
Cell Phone Investigation Techniques
Courtroom Testimony
Current Heroin Threat
Detecting Misleading Behaviors
Domestic Terrorism
Drug Identification
Drug Interdiction and Conducting the Complete Traffic Stop
Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS)
Grant Writing Strategies for Law Enforcement and Non-Profit Organizations
Human Trafficking
Interview and Interrogation for Law Enforcement
Interview and Interrogation for Law Enforcement (Advanced)
Introduction to Narco-Terrorism
Law Enforcement Intelligence
Leading and Managing a Task Force Unit
Low Light Tactical Training  New
Managing Narcotics Informants
Methamphetamine Clandestine Lab Safety
Mexican Drug Cartel Investigations
Middle Eastern Intelligence
Mid-Level Narcotics Investigations
Money Laundering
Naloxone Administration for First Responders
Naloxone Administration for Potential Bystanders
Narco-Jihadist Alliance  New
Narcotics Enforcement and Trafficking Investigations in Hotels/Motels and Parcel/Freight Carriers
NCTC Polygraph Program
Open Source Intelligence
Opioid Awareness Seminar
Opioid Threat in the Community
Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs
Physical Surveillance
Role of the Undercover
Senior Polygraph Examiner
Social Networking
Spanish for the Uniformed Patrol Officer
Street Gang Investigations
Surviving and Planning the Undercover Operation  New
Tactical Entry to Methamphetamine Laboratories
Tactical Narcotic Debriefings
Tactics for Narcotic Warrants
Technology Threats and Trends Against Law Enforcement
Top Gun: Undercover Drug Investigations
Trauma Management
Undercover Management
Understand the World of 1%ers  New
Vehicle Interdiction (Commercial)
Vehicle Interdiction (Passenger)
Video Surveillance Techniques
Woodland Tactical