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Leading and Managing a Task Force Unit
Monday, August 24 - Friday, August 28, 2020
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME - 1700
Location: Live Online Webinar
Directions: Live Online Webinar,

Cost: Free
Law Enforcement & Military Personnel Only

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Course Description:

This course was developed to enable leaders of drug task force units to devise proactive strategies to improve the operation of their organization. This will enhance their ability to supervise and lead a drug task force unit. The course is designed to provide guidance, share best practices, and elicit student participation. This course will use lecture, group discussion, individual activities, and small-group breakout activities to identify and illustrate best practices needed to effectively lead and manage a drug task force unit. 

 Upon Successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

1.      Describe ways in which intelligence-led narcotics enforcement positions a drug task force organization to detect, deter, and investigate illegal narcotics activity
2.      Explain how adapting a leadership style can improve an organization’s leader’s ability to manage a drug task force unit
3.      Know how to recognize and adapt to differences in behavioral and communication styles (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) and thereby, improve  communication with subordinates, colleagues, and superiors
4.      Understand how knowledge of different behavioral styles (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness) can reduce conflict and mistakes due to ineffective  communications
5.      Understand how to develop a strategic plan for a drug task force and identify key elements of a strategic plan for a drug task force unit
6.      Know how to develop an effective Memorandum of Understanding
7.      Know how to develop protocols for positive exploitation of media and successful interagency relationships
8.      Know how to coordinate operations and implement proven methods for executing an operational plan
9.      Develop effective programs, policies and procedures to use community engagement in support of the detection and investigation of illegal narcotics trafficking
10.    Analyze a scenario and apply the appropriate principles and techniques learned in this course to address issues confronting police leaders

Prerequisites: None

Course Length: 5 days/ 40 hours

Who May Attend: Law Enforcement, Corrections, Military

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